Officers and Board Members

2017 Officers and Board Members


Chris Simpson

Chris Simpson_ORCWDA_2

Resides in: Vancouver, WA and is head trainer at Whispering Winds Farm in Mulino OR.

Tell us about your horse(s): Currently riding several American Saddlebreds, two Andalusians, and a Paint. Whispering Winds’ main goal is to turn out well started, quiet and sensible horses that can go on to become great riding horses.

Why do you ride Cowboy &/or Western Dressage: Chris has been attracted to Cowboy Dressage from the beginning because of the philosophy of kindness and the development of good western horses. It fits right in with her background in dressage with Ward Wells and western training with Richard Shrake and Jim Havelhurst.

Additional Tid-bits: Chris is a certified Resistance Free instructor/trainer and has been teaching and training for over 40 years. She has competed in many disciplines including trail, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, jumping, dressage, team penning and team roping.


Vice President

San Hunsaker

San H

Resides in: Walterville, Oregon

Horses: Missy (Sheza Foxy Dixon) is a 25 yr old Paint. She is a lovely lady that is retired to the position of herd boss. Dune (Dun N Style) is a 9 year old brown dun Quarter Horse gelding with cool zebra stripes on his legs. Mr. T (Fabs Tyza Titow) is a seven yr old light colored red dun Quarter Horse gelding. I call T my square horse as he is heavy muscled with a short neck but such a sweet face. My geldings are good trail horses and both have been through the Bill Ritchie Police Academy De-Spook clinics. They will both walk over fire and escort a police car with lights & sirens.

Why I ride Cowboy Dressage: I think Cowboy Dressage is perfect for me. I do not come from a show background. The only showing I have ever done was 4-H steers. This is a perfect arena to improve my horsemanship and the partnership with my horses. I love that it is open and welcoming to all ages and experience. The tests give me a measure to check my own progress with soft feel and partnership being a big part of the score.

Additional Tidbits: I rode in a number of clinics with John and Josh Lyons and went through the Josh Lyons Accreditation Program. I’ve had horses most of my life but working with the Lyon’s group started me on a journey to keep improving my horsemanship. I work as a private instructor out of my barn with good horsemanship from the ground up as my focus. I have worked a lot with middle aged riders that are mostly trail riders and are having problems or struggle with confidence. A lot have been hurt in the past. It is very rewarding to see leadership, confidence and harmony return. They can go on to do anything they want.


Secretary & Treasurer

General Board Member

General Board Member

Thomas Thomas

thomas thomas

Tell us about your horse: 16yr old Paint gelding named “Cool-Man” that Thomas says is “as sweet as they come.” Cool-Man & Thomas ride Western & Cowboy Dressage along with participating in Civil War reenactments & the North Western Calvary Group.

Additional Tidbits: Thomas is retired from the Air Force and thoroughly enjoys history.


Membership Coordinator

Catherine (Kit) Thienes


Resides in: Walterville, Oregon

Horses: Lily, is a 10 year old quarter horse, she is a very strong, dependable partner. She is excellent with children and is very willing to play. Kohanna is a 13 year old Kieger Mustang. Her name  is Sioux, meaning Swift. Kohanna definitely lives up to that name in her sensitivity and athleticism. I have had the honor of starting both of these horses and we have learned a great deal from one another. My horses have taught me that horsemanship includes consistency, balance, and persistence.  Which flows into every aspect of our lives.  Lily and Kohanna are certified in Basic Mounted Posse Rescue. They are gaining great strides in their Cowboy Dressage and continue to keep me on my toes with their training.

Why I ride Cowboy Dressage:   I fell upon Cowboy Dressage through the interest of my dear friend San Hunsaker. I audited a few clinics and really enjoyed what I saw. I was looking for a way to improve my skills and communication with my horses, as well as increase their training. In auditing the clinics, I met welcoming people. I saw respect for quality horsemanship over awards. I saw achievable patterns for someone with zero show experience and an environment that supported learning and growth for the rider and horse. With each Cowboy Dressage Gathering I have participated in, I continue to be amazed at the outpouring of support, friendship, and encouragement that this club demonstrates. This literally flows from co-riders, to support staff, to judges. I continue to learn with each experience, and come away feeling very inspired, looking forward to the next Gathering.

Additional Tidbits:  I live in the Eugene area. San Hunsaker and I travel to the Molina area each month to participate in the Cowboy dressage board meetings. It’s pleasing to have a chance to participate in bringing this experience to more people. I greatly encourage anyone who is unsure, to audit a clinic or watch a Gathering. I do not have any show background, and have done only little more than back yard trail riding. I knew I wanted improved communication with my horses and improved riding skills. I knew I wanted to keep busy during the winter months where trail riding wasn’t possible. I also needed something affordable. This venue is the perfect combination of those things. I look forward to more youth being exposed to this venue, as it is the perfect positive environment for horse and rider.


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